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Firefox is one of the most popular browsers ever made. Mostly it is famous for its ability to include various plugins from Mozilla and other side companies and developers.

If the conversation turns on the VPN, Firefox has got a lot for possibilities to include some IP changing plugins easily. Let’s take a look at some of the remarkable firefox VPN extensions.


  • ZenMate VPN

This add-on is available both for Chrome and Firefox. As the developers claim, it is very easy to install and does not require additional knowledge about proxy. It concentrates on the saving the browsing speed. However, it has some disadvantages a simple user may dislike: it requires your e-mail address for verification and does not support too many countries, but there’s one pro that makes this software worth viewing: you can switch between countries really quickly and easily from the taskbar of the add-on.

  • Hoxx VPN Proxy

According to customers’ reviews, this plugin has got some kind of weird design, but yet it is handy and powerful. It is free to use, so everyone can try it. Only one thing does not allow naming this add-on the best – it has got a 500 MB limit. When you go beyond this limit you will be blocked again.

  • DotVPN

This software is well-known among proxy server users. Its developer also made an add-on for all browsers, including Firefox. The program is rather fast, with wide coverage of available countries. It is free to use, but there is a premium account with faster speeds and no restrictions. Also, you are available to spread the premium for any five devices. Despite low price, the fact that all power of the program is available only for money is a little bit disappointing.

  • FoxyProxy

This add-on is, maybe, the most famous VPN extensions for Firefox. It operates servers in 24 different countries. The design is simple and the special history mode will let you see where and when your proxy was used. All in all, it is a good substitute for standard Firefox proxy options.

  • AutoProxy

This one work in a little bit different way than other extensions presented here. There is no need to switch the add-on off and on every time you need to surf the Internet. Just add the sites you do not want to be tracked to the list of preferences and the extension will do its work automatically. There is even an easier option – you can just subscribe to the certain list of rules that was developed before. Just find the one fitting you absolutely and forget about setting up your own rules.

  • HotSpot Shield

We could not forget about this program. The largest proxy server service launched add-ons for modern browsers, including Firefox.

These are the most popular and powerful VPN extensions for Firefox. It is up to you to choose the proper one. Remember that they may not cover all your needs and it is recommended to make a careful study before installation.


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