Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.22.1085 + Serial Key


Advanced Office Password Recovery Crack

ElcomSoft Advanced Office Password Recovery – Recover, remove or circumvent passwords protecting documents created with a variety of office suites. Break passwords to Microsoft Office documents and files in OpenOffice, Apple iWork and Hangul Office formats.

– Break passwords to all relevant office documents
– The fastest office recovery tool on the market thanks to low-level optimization and GPU acceleration
– Exploits all known backdoors and tricks in the Office family for instant recovery
– Multiple video cards get the job done up to 200 times faster than CPU alone
– Combine brute-force, dictionary and advanced attacks into a straightforward workflow

Gain Access to Password-Protected Documents
Advanced Office Password Recovery unlocks documents created with all versions of Microsoft Office from the ancient 2.0 to the modern 2016, and supports documents in OpenDocument and Hangul Office formats. The tool can recover passwords for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher and OneNote, all OpenOffice applications, and all applications comprising the Hangul Office suite.

Baster Attacks with GPU Acceleration
Microsoft has strengthened password protection in Office 2007, further improving its strength in Office 2013[1]. OpenDocument and Hangul Office formats are equally strong. With computation-intensive encryption used in latest versions of Microsoft Office, password recovery tools relying solely on computer’s CPU are no longer able to provide reasonable recovery times.

Note for Hangul Office users: GPU acceleration is available for Hangul Office spreadsheet application (Hancell), and is not available for its text processing application (Hanword).

Instant Access to Password-Protected Documents
Not all passwords are equally strong. Advanced Office Password Recovery provides instant access to many types of password-protected documents, including those created in Microsoft Word and Excel versions 97 and 2000. Later versions of Microsoft Word and Excel save documents and spreadsheets in compatibility mode by default making them available for instant password recovery.

All Features and Benefits:
– Automatic Password Removal
– Targeting Human Psychology
– Dictionary Attacks
– Advanced Attacks
– Accelerated Brute Force Attack
– Word and Excel Documents: Guaranteed Recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery Crack Patch Keygen Serial Key

– add supports for NVIDIA GTX1080 and other cards with Pascal core
– add supports for AMD Fiji and Carrizo cores: R9 Nano, R9 Fury, Radeon Pro Duo, Radeon R7
– improved VBA Backdoor engine to work with certain applications

System Requirements:
– Windows XP
– Windows 2000
– Windows Vista (32 bit)
– Windows Vista (64 bit)
– Windows Server 2003/2008
– Windows 7 (32 bit)
– Windows 7 (64 bit)
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows Server 2012


Advanced Office Password Recovery 6.22.1085 + Serial Key



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